GUIs Used in Automatic Functional Testing


Due to changes in the Access and Verify code cyphers, see an explanation in the following post, OSEHRA has generated a series of CPRS Executables which will work with the code found in the OSEHRA VistA-M master branch.  There are two versions available at this point:

Please use these CPRS versions for more recent builds of the VistA software.  


The attached .zip file contains the binaries/installers required for the OSEHRA Functional testing.  The setup scripts that accompany the testing register a specific version of both Vitals and CPRS inside the VistA instance.  

The registered versions are CPRS 30_28 and Vitals 5_P26. Both are accompanied by the necessary DLLs to run correctly.  

The CPRS is a self-contained binary, while the Vitals is an installer which will install the program such that Vitals can be run on its own and can be called by CPRS (Vitals Lite).  The installation is started by activating the VITL5_P26.exe. There is one change needed during the installation process, the type of setup must be "Manager" to utilize the ability to create templates.  


After installation, The shortcuts for both CPRS and Vitals Manager need to be altered to connect to the VistA instance.   The Sikuli program will expect both of these shortcuts to be found on the user's Desktop.   Right-click on the shortcut and open the 'Properties' of the shortcut for editing

The "Target" field should be appended with a series of arguments to tell the programs how to connect to VistA.  The following examples show both of the programs connecting to VistA on the local machine through port 9210.  On Cache, the scripts set up port 9210 as the listener.  If VistA is on a different machine from CPRS replace the server IP with the IP address of the machine with the instance.  

Vitals Manager Example:

"Path/to/Vitals" /port=9210 /server= /ccow=disable

CPRS Example:

"Path/to/CPRS" P=9210 S=

Download link: Zip file containg the GUIs tested in the Functional Testing



Updated CPRS 30.15 for VistA after March 2015

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The executable has a SHA1 hash of 5dac623bcb253f3e065aa9a0050bb2f151dd448d for verification after downloading the file.