MDWS Systems Management Guide

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This manual provides information on the management of MDWS 2.0 database and application server(s). It contains detailed information on .NET application server management, institution files, security, logging, and troubleshooting. Its intended audience includes server administrators and specialists at VHA hosting facilities like the intended C1 hosting at AITC.

The installation and maintenance instructions presented here assume the use of Windows as the client operating system. MDWS 2.0 does not support any flavor of *nix and is a Microsoft only platform.

• Terminology The terms site and VISN are used interchangeably to refer to VHA sites; however, while all VISNs are considered sites, there are some sites that are not a VISN.

• Text Conventions File names and directory names are set off from other text using bold font (e.g., config.xml). Bold is also used to indicate GUI elements, such as tab, field, and button names (e.g., press Delete).