Meeting Presentation 04-11-2012

Attached is the presentation for today's meeting.



​ In this document, there

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​ In this document, there is a slide: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variation Resolution: • Decision Points: – Affected Versions. – Categorization. • What is the resolution path per categorization? • Can we come to general consensus on these? • Potential Examples: – Stylistic Variance: Do we need to decide on standards around formatting? – Patch-Level Variance: Should a package need to be patched to current before variance is resolved? – Cache-ism/GT.M-ism: Should both be standardized to ANSI? – Eventually a ‘decision tree’ may evolve. – Final resolutions must account for all participants. • Can’t ever sacrifice critical functionality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I would like to reply about the line: - Cache-ism/GT.M-ism: Should both be standardized to ANSI? In several notable cases, there is no standard ANSI M code to accomplish a task. In this case, the best you can do is follow the lead of the Kernel team and create a standard subroutine that does it, with well known semantics, and have that code examine which implementation of MUMPS is being used, and executing appropriate code to that implementation to accomplish the task. David