Military Health System (MHS)-Open Source Software (OSS): Workshop Overview and Brochure


As part of its community development and education mission, OSEHRA hosted the Open Source Software, Military Health Systems Workshop last week at our Headquarters, in the Virginia Tech Research Center located at 900 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia.  

It was a productive exchange between academia, industry and government on best practices in open source software development. governance and business models.  Please see below a summary of the agenda, or click the attachment below to examine the complete workshop brochure:

A Product Lifecycle Management Workshop
September 22-23, 2011


8:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Welcoming Remarks                                                  Seong K. Mun, PhD, OSEHRA
8:35 am Introduction of Workshop Leadership                       Fred Goeringer, tiag, Inc.
8:40 am Workshop Chair’s Opening Remarks                         LTG (Ret.) James B. Peake, MD, CIG, former, Secretary of Veterans Affairs
8:50 am Convening Remarks and Charges                             Lt. Gen. Charles B. Green, MD, Surgeon General, U.S. Air Force

Session 1 Session Moderator Mike O’Neill Department of Veterans Affairs

9:00 am How Does an Open Source Project Run on              Karl Fogel, Civic Commons
a Daily basis? - A View from the Ground

9:40 am Open Source and Department of Defense                Dan Risacher, Department of Defense

10:20 am Q/A

10:40 am Morning Break

Session 2 Session Moderator CAPT Michael Weiner, DO, Department of Defense

11:00 am Governance in Managing OSS                                Alex S. Voultepsis, Office of Director, National Intelligence

11:40 am Security and Life Cycle Management                      David Wheeler, PhD, Institute of Defense Analysis

12:20 am Q/A

12:40 pm Lunch Break

Session 3 Moderator Mark Goodge, Department of Defense

1:30 pm Quality Improvement in OSS Operations                    Rick Avila, Kitware, Inc.

2:00 pm Collaboration and Innovation                                      Gunnar Hellekson, Red Hat

2:30 pm Case Study: OSS at National Cancer Institute           Fred Prior, PhD, Washington University

3:00 pm Q/A

3:20 pm Afternoon Break

Session 4 Moderator Hon Pak, MD, HSP Technology

3:40 pm Intellectual Property Management                              Will Schroeder, Kitware, Inc.
to Foster Collaboration

4:10 pm Open Science, Open Data, and Open Software       Terry Yoo, PhD, National Library of Medicine

4:40 pm Open Source Activities of TATRC                             Steve Steffensen, MD, TATRC, US Army

5:10 pm Panel Discussion                                                       

Hon Pak, MD,                              HSP Technology
Fred Prior, PhD,                          Washington University
Peter Levin,                                CTO, SES, VA
Ron Parker,                                Canadian Health Info Way
Doug Goldstein, MD,                   e-Futurist
Scott Goodwin                            NASA


8:00 am Continental Breakfast

Session 5 Moderator Keith McCall, KRM Associates

8:30 am OSS and the Food and Drug Administration              Richard Chapman, Food and Drug Administration

9:00 am OSS in Clinical Operations                                         David L. Campbell, West Virginia Community Health

9:30 am Infoway – Canadian Initiative                                     Ron Parker, Canada Health Infoway

10:00 am Q/A

10:10 am Morning Break

Session 6 Moderator Steve Hufnagel, PhD, tiag, Inc.

10:20 am The Future of OSS and Business Development       Doug Goldstein, MD, e-Futurist

11:00 am Workshop Summary Report                                      Fred Goeringer, tiag, Inc./ Conrad Clyburn, MedForeSight

11:30 am Summary Remarks                                                    Lt. Gen. Charles B. Green, MD, Surgeon General, US Air Force

11:45 am Closing Observations                                                LTG(Ret.) James B. Peake, MD, CIG, former, Secretary of Veterans Affairs

12:00 pm Adjournment and Lunch                                            Seong K. Mun, PhD