The Next Web of Open Linked Data and VistA

What is the web-of-data? Watch Tim Berner's Lee, the father of the web. For more, check out Wikipedia. But what has this to do with VistA? In todays terms, inside VistA is a web of linked data which makes it a great fit for web-of-data technologies and approaches. Every era has its favorite terms - back in the 1980's file systems were it and so VistA is built around files with pointers between them, managed in a file system, FileMan. Today the web is it and people talk of web-hosted, linked-data. But put names aside and you see that what's inside VistA - highly linked data - is just what Berners-Lee and others have in mind when they talk about a form for data that is suitable for the web. Today, FileMan would be LinkMan or WebMan. VistA was a web-of-data nearly thirty years before that name and its technologies. Luis added the 2010 "Health Information Technology" PCAST report - why is that relevant? Because PCAST calls for a "universal exchange language" for patient data exchange and by now it is widely recognized that web-of-data approaches and techniques answer this call. What's not recognized is how VistA too embodies the common-sense goals given in that report, how ready it is for the next Health-IT infrastructure. VistA - already the linked-data EHR. We will bring this out.