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Stuck on File Manager Access Code

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I tried to follow the instructions but was not able to do "Permissions: full access to all clinical functions." for Robert Alexander.  Can you clarify how that is done?  I tried to enter # in  File Manager Access Code and that did not work and Alexander did not get access to view the chart tab so CPRS immediately exits. I tried to enter @ but Screenman will not accept that.

I am using the VM machine.  Can you maybe update this document with screenshots/instructions from/on the VM machine?


FileMan Access Codes

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I am making the assumption that you are working from the CPRS enabled VM and you can get to the Access/Verify prompt in CPRS.

The "@" character is programmer mode in vista (think root access on *nix operating systems).  This typically isn't given to clinicians.  The "#" character (think Power User on windows) is also probably overkill for this test, but will work.

The following should be the minimum set needed to run the tests.

In the Edit an Existing User Option (EVE -> User Management -> Edit an Existing User):

  1. Ensure that there is a primary menu (XUCORE is a good choice)
  2. Ensure that there is an access/verify code (if you have already set one up and it works you don't have to reset it)
  3. File Manager Access Code:  can be "#" for test purposes.
  4. Ensure that you have a division associated with this user
  5. Ensure that there is  Service/Section associated with this user
  6. For testing purposes there is nothing on page two that needs to change
  7. Set a person class (on Page 3) type ?? to get a listing.  Set the Effective time to t-1 (yesterday) leave Expiration Date blank.
  8. Restrict Patient Selection (Page 4) set it to NO
  9. CPRS tab access Name:  COR.  Set the Effective time to t-1 (yesterday) leave Expiration Date blank.

In the Allocation of Security Keys Option (EVE -> Menu Management -> Key Management Menu)

Allocate the following keys:

  3. ORES

Security keys allow users access to areas of the system locked with the key (think a lock and key - if you have the key you can open the lock).  These should be the minimum set needed for the test.


No luck

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I believe I did everything you said and I still cannot get my provider to login.  Did you or anybody else actually follow these steps succesfully in the OSEHRA supplied VM machine?