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OSEHRA AWG WG Slide Deck & Follow Ups for 12/4


Hi -

I've attached our slide deck for those interested.

  • Christopher Edwards made a great recommendation to provide an installable MDWS rather than having a developer compile from source. - we can do this if its of interest to anyone - just speak up.
  • As discussed on the call - if folks would like a run through on enhancing MDWS just let us know ahead of time and we'll gladly go through a sample during one of our Friday calls..

Best regards,


Mastering Medical Concepts by Conor Dowling

During the November 27th Architecture Work Group Meeting, Conor Dowling of Caregraf presented "Mastering Medical Concepts" from the perspectives of :

- Medical Concepts in a standard SKOS/Linked-Data service

- Handling unproductive variety (overlay vs 'back the best')

- Federating with new concept data and patient data

The Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) is a common data model for sharing and linking knowledge organization systems via the Semantic Web.

OpenMDWS: A stateless, scalable and open re-implementation of MDWS using EWD, Rob Tweed of M/Gateway Developments Ltd.

For those that missed yestersday's AWG presentation by Rob Tweed, here is the recording -

Rob has presented what he believes to be a significant improvement to the MDWS.  Moreover, the openMDWS services can be made available over HTTP from any GT.M/Cache VistA server directly.

AWG Presentation on Nov. 13: 3M HDD Access, Senthil K. Nachimuthu, MD, PhD, 3M Health Information Systems, Inc. (Minute, Slides, and Recording)



HDD Access Terminology Content

  • Subset of content from 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary (3M HDD)
  • Includes terminologies that 3M has permission to release publicly
  • You can use it for any purpose (including commercial, proprietary applications)
  • Create local extensions, without modifying the core content
  • HDD Content Download License
  • Currently about 215,000 concepts and growing
  • Monthly updates
  • Released in (Hibernate) XML and CSV formats


Slides and Recording: Meaningful Health Information by Jack Taylor of The BITS Group

Here are the slides presented at AWG on November 6th meeting: Title: Meaningful Health Information, Jack Taylor, MD. , The BITS Group

The recording can be found at:

Jack in his presentation discussed some of the major challenges in testing:


Advancing VistA Open APIs and a Pathway to iEHR - Karen Clark, DSS Inc.


Here are the slides presented by Karen Clark, Chief Architect of DSS, Inc and her team during the AWG meeting on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Additional documentation associated with the DSS Integration Framework consisting of: DSS GOTOTM, VistA Gateway DLL, HL7 Integration Framework, and JAAWSOverseer Toolkit will be forth coming.

For those that missed the meeting, here is the link to the recording:

3/22 OSEHRA AWG Meeting Minutes - InterSystems Caché 2016 Features, Renee Cannon and Alex Bravo, InterSystems

Thanks to Renee Cannon and Alex Bravo for an excellent presentation and demo on the InterSystems Caché 2016 Features.  The presentation and demo included the creation of multiple VistA data models with Caché; in particular, using the the FileMan Mapping Utility to converting FileMan Files into relational or object representation of the entire VistA system.   In addition, Renee showed the new Document Data Model, available for the 2016 Cache, that provides SQL query support on a JSON based document collections.

1/26 OSEHRA AWG Meeting Minutes - Object Chronicles as a Foundation for Integrated Informatics Architecture, Keith E Campbell, M.D., VHA

Thanks to Keith for an excellent discussion on the Object Chronicles and the development of ISAAC (InformaticS Architecture ACceleration), a tooling environment that provides a reference implementation for Deriviate concepts build on top of SNOMED, LOINC, and RxNorm (SOLOR) terninology.  For those that are interested in the development of ISAAC, the source code is available at OSEHRA ISAAC code repository.

AWG Minutes - 02-11-2014: An Update on HMP, Marcia Pickard, VHA

Minutes 02-11-2014:

Thanks to Marcia Pickard, Lead for the Health Informatics Initiative, VHA for an informative update on Health Management Platform (HMP).  

Here are the key points from the presentation. 

1.       There is interest in testing FMQL language.

2.       Likewise a version of the MarkLogic (or other similar) data storage as an alternative storage to native Cache

2012-03-20 AWG Minutes

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