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Good day OSEHRA AWG stakeholders,

I plan to continue to work on this today and discuss where we are going till delivery on Wednesday a week

If you see an area where you can/wish to contribute, please send me you input in a form, where it can be directly inserted and reference the line where it should be inserted.

Thank you for your help and consideration,


Minutes - AWG Meeting 02-14-2013 - Special Session on OSEHRA DoD RFI Response



Steve Hufnagel will collect and compile all contributions to the writings of the RFI response into a draft over the weekend.  Steve will present the draft to the group during the AWG meeting on the 19th.  

Contributors will provide their inputs to Steve by the weekend.

Contributor to the RFI response include:

Steve Hufnagel -

Rick Marshall

Rob Tweed

Jack Taylor

Rafael Richards

Nancy Anthracite

Ed Ost

Mario Hyland

Genomics and Big Data_PART 2

Part 2 of the very 'drafty' report that I presented to MITRE for their U.S. Army project is attached. Please be aware that I have not yet posted the REFERENCES AND NOTES, and this draft report has drawn from many other people's work, which I have indicated as references, so - wait until the third and last version is posted so that those inidviduals get all the credit they deserve. -Gerry Higgins, M.D., Ph.D., AssureRx Health, Inc.

3/22 OSEHRA AWG Meeting Minutes - InterSystems Caché 2016 Features, Renee Cannon and Alex Bravo, InterSystems

Thanks to Renee Cannon and Alex Bravo for an excellent presentation and demo on the InterSystems Caché 2016 Features.  The presentation and demo included the creation of multiple VistA data models with Caché; in particular, using the the FileMan Mapping Utility to converting FileMan Files into relational or object representation of the entire VistA system.   In addition, Renee showed the new Document Data Model, available for the 2016 Cache, that provides SQL query support on a JSON based document collections.

1/26 OSEHRA AWG Meeting Minutes - Object Chronicles as a Foundation for Integrated Informatics Architecture, Keith E Campbell, M.D., VHA

Thanks to Keith for an excellent discussion on the Object Chronicles and the development of ISAAC (InformaticS Architecture ACceleration), a tooling environment that provides a reference implementation for Deriviate concepts build on top of SNOMED, LOINC, and RxNorm (SOLOR) terninology.  For those that are interested in the development of ISAAC, the source code is available at OSEHRA ISAAC code repository.

AWG Minutes - 02-11-2014: An Update on HMP, Marcia Pickard, VHA

Minutes 02-11-2014:

Thanks to Marcia Pickard, Lead for the Health Informatics Initiative, VHA for an informative update on Health Management Platform (HMP).  

Here are the key points from the presentation. 

1.       There is interest in testing FMQL language.

2.       Likewise a version of the MarkLogic (or other similar) data storage as an alternative storage to native Cache

2012-03-20 AWG Minutes

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