Code Convergence Work Group

The purpose of this group is to identify key modules of the VistA EHR architecture which are universal to the vast majority of configurations, and harmonize these modules to allow the community to operate from a unified ‘core’ base.

The issue tracker used to coordinate this project is located here:

The wiki used to track documentation and other document artifacts.

Please join us for Weekly calls on: Thursdays :  3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Phone U.S. & Canada:  1-415-655-0002     Access code: 739 548 224

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Potential Code Convergence Call

Hello everybody,

I would like to talk about a potential Code Convergence call. My objective is to talk about the latest stuff released by the VA and getting it working on outside non-VA systems. This includes the Lock Manager and the VistA System Monitoring software.

I am thinking Thursday afternoon.

--Sam Habiel, Pharm.D.

Technical Fellow

Code Convergence Call today @3pm +1 (515) 739-1432,,,448185


Code in progress:

- Openssl plugin

Code to do next:

- The 3 Kernel KMP packages

Discussion Topic:

Cacheisms elsewhere in VistA: Which are the most important to address?

Dial-in Number (US): (515) 739-1432

Access Code: 448185

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Code convergence call tomorrow 3ish to 4pm: ^ZSY

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Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1432 - United States
Access Code: 448185
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Registration Package - 17 Files from 5 Variations

The following .tar.gz and .zip files contain a small directory tree with the collection of 17 routines from the Registration package that we are comparing across the foloowing five variations of VistA:






The list of routines include:


VistA 'Onion' Diagram

Good Afternoon All;

My apologies for the delay on posting this to Julie; apparently my spam filter was not fond of your email.

Attached is the famous 'onion' diagram illustrating the layered growth of VistA over the course of its history.  This, combined with the VA's prioritization, has been shared with us to allow us to assist the community in prioritization of targets in the code convergence effort; in this we may target the core and iteratively expand our convergence efforts.

It is available in both power-point and pdf format.



Comparison of file convergence for 4 VistAs

I took the file listings from each of Conor's 3 FMQL comparisons and melded them into a single spreadsheet, showing which files each version contains, as well as the FM number each is using for the files. Perhaps this will give us a start on which files represent "core" OSEHRA VistA. I color-coded the non-FOIA Vistas - where a file is used by 2 or 3 of the non-FOIA versions, I tried to combine the colors to represent that combination.

KIDS/Certification Submission Requirements

In order for a submission of code to be compiled into a KIDs file, and submitted for certification through the OSEHRA process, a number of artifacts and data points are required.  This wiki is to capture these elements, please use this document to identify them.

This document will overlap with the requirements of the certification process, and the working group associated with it.  We will work collaboratively to ensure the expectations of both of these efforts meet.

KIDS file Pre-requisite Element Summary:

Code Convergence Milestones

This wiki is meant to document current and ongoing project milestones, and targeted completion dates, for activities of the code convergence group.  This document is in wiki format to encourage contribution from the community members.

Milestone 1 - In progress

The code convergence group intends to, by 4.30.2012, have successfully completed the following objectives:

ANSI X11.1-1995 M Considerations

As GT.M currently only supports the ANSI X11.1-1995 version of M/MUMPS, it doesn't incorporate extensions made to the standard by Intersystems.  As part of code convergence, some version have incorporated Intersystems extensions.  These must documented for resolution.

Greater than or equal to expression.

Cache Expression:  >=

ANSI Expression: '<

Less than or equal to expression.

Cache Expression:  <=

VistA Analytics - FOIA vs the other VistAs

VistA Analytics

Latest: Upgrade forks and age reports. Added report for RPMS

VistA Analytics identifies the configuration and dynamic state of a VistA ("VistA being analysed"). It then compares this information against the configuration and state of a Baseline VistA. This tool should help in the VA's 10-1 effort and in code-convergence, the effort to merge 3rd party VistA's with FOIA VistA.

VistA Audit: OpenVistA vs WorldVistA

Background: define a baseline VistA by querying deployed VistAs about their configurations and dynamic state and comparing the results. A work-in-progress. Three reports comparing WorldVistA (Latest Release/George Lilly's) and OpenVistA (Caregraf): Packages [[|WVvsOVPackages]] In general the packages are the same though WV is more up to date. Both are behind FOIA (see dates in builds in the packages report), in some cases a lot behind - dates of 2006 or 2008 and FOIA is at 2011/2012.