Community Enablement Plan and White Paper

Utilize this group's resources to provide OSEHRA with feedback about its Community Enablement Plan and White Paper. Join Today! The next deadline for feedback is due by September 16, 2011.

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Envisioned enhancement process- example?

So, I'm trying to understand in what situations you envision using the "community initiated innovation" process  you have described.

For example, it would be useful for external software developers to be able to programmatically add patients through a RPC Broker call.  It is one of the most frequently asked questions on several current VistA community discussion sites. 

In theory, it is a pretty small scope, and the Astronaut version of Vista has actually implemented an RPC call as a add-on feature.  

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Community Enablement Plan

The purpose of this Community Enablement plan is to create the conditions under which a vibrant and active community of software developers will emerge poised to jointly develop and maintain the OSEHR System.  According to open source best practices, this community must be composed of a grassroots group of developers, coordinated by self-organized governance, and based on meritocratic principles.

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