Patient-Centered Care and Portability

The objectives of this group are to:

  • Enable patient access to, control of, and addition to personal health records
  • Remove barriers to sharing clinical data from disparate EHR systems
  • Enhance information portability in support of care in non-clinical settings and scenarios

The intent is to encourage development and deployment of Common architecture/GUI/API facilitating sharing compatible technologies across multiple VA and open-source initiatives, including: MyHealtheVet, Virtual Patient Record, HealtheMe, DoD PHR, IHS PHR

We are especially interested in engaging the ideas and viewpoints of Patients (users), Clinicians, healthcare professionals, and technologists to ensure that the resulting technologies are both useful and user-friendly, in addition to being secure and reliable.

Group Email:

Patient Centered Care Working Group Call, March 12, 2014

The topic for this week, Movement on Interoperability, was deferred from last week's truncated call. It was generally a good thing, as I found several more encouraging items to add to the list of references indicating that, at long last, the topic and reality of interoperability is getting serious attention around the country. You can check out the presentation and the references, below, but the news is very encouraging.

Patient Centered Care Working Group Call - February 12, 2014

It took 3 weeks to actually make this presentation, but it covers a topic that should be of great interest to anyone concerned with patient and patient data safety in the healthcare setting. Last month, the ONC published a series of guides to assist provider organizations in successfully deploying the EHR of their choice.

RE: [patient-centered-care] Re: [patient-centered-care] Vista EHR Class at SUNY Albany - Spring 2014 - Teaching FileMan

Not sure. Will ask Kitware. They may have contacts at SUNY. Peter Li -----Original Message----- From: Apache [] On Behalf Of David Whitten Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 12:06 PM To: Subject: [patient-centered-care] Re: [patient-centered-care] Vista EHR Class at SUNY Albany - Spring 2014 - Teaching FileMan Is owned by Luis or by SUNY ? Dave Whitten 713-870-3834 On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 12:36 PM, petercyli wrote:

Re: [patient-centered-care] Vista EHR Class at SUNY Albany - Spring 2014 - Teaching FileMan

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Patient Centered Care and Portability Workgroup reviltalization

On April 23, a small group of interested parties gathered to discuss ways to re-energize this important workgroup. We briefly discussed why participation has fallen off without coming to any solid conclusion, but agreed that we would like to continue in some form.

We will be taking a brief hiatus, until mid-May, to gather feedback and line up guest speakers. I am providing a couple of links to Doodle Polls, one for changing the time slot, if desired, and one for topic preferences.

Heath System Leaders Working Towards High Value Care through Integration of Care and Research, Apr. 23-24

Although this is short notice, and it conflicts with our regular call, which is of great importance this week, I wanted to bring this workshop to the attention of the group. It is being web-cast in it's entirety and you can register to participate is as much or as little as you desire.

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Blue Button Initiative Presentation by Tom Black

Here is the link to the recording of the February 13 call:

As soon as I get the information from Tom, I will post links to all the sites he showed us. 

As promised, here are the links to the sites that Tom spoke to us about:


Healthboard Demonstration

Thanks to the team at Parsons, especially Chris Goranson and Damian Bendersky for their time. You can access their application here:

If you missed the demonstration and discussion, the recording of the event is avialable here:

Recording and slides from January 30 call

Joel Ryba gave us a great overview of HIXNY, both their technology model and their business model. I have attached a pdf of the slides he presented (and those that he didn't get to, as well). For anyone who would like to learn more about Joel, his blog is here: and the HIXNY site is here: There is a wealth of information in both places,

Notes for January 16 call

I just ran across an article that applies to our discussion last week:

Also, for those who missed the call, or are interested in reliving it :-) here's the link to the recording:

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