VistA Marketing Work Group

To elevate VistA in the marketplace as a robust, top-rated, cost-effective EHR through jointly coordinated strategic marketing. The aim will be to promote VistA overall, rather than any single version. Marketing content may refer the audience to the array of VistA-related solutions and services that can be accessed through OSEHRA or its member companies.

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2 VistA Timelines

We talked about a timeline as a way to market VistA and all the development it has been through. I've found two examples of timelines, one from DSS and one from PIIM. What are your thoughts on how to use a timeline to promote VistA?

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I have obviously "drunk the kool-aid" for OSEHRA.  The reason I think this is important is two-fold.  We need a common message from the Community for What We Have, What We Have Done, and Why Does This Have Value to The Nation and the International VistA community.  The second reason is that we need to "market within" our space as both individual OSEHRA Members and "back" to VA, DoD and the Federal and commercial space.  The idea is a common, updated message that all can contribute to, share and (dare I say) Market at will.  Rgds, Doc

VistA Marketing Work Group meeting today at 2pm Eastern

Good morning all,

Please join us for the VistA marketing Work Group call this afternoon at 2:00pm Eastern. The dial-in information can be found below:

Event address:

Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207

Access code: 660 245 280

We hope to see you there!


The OSEHRA Admin Team

reschedule this Friday's meeting?

Due to OSEHRA offices being closed on Good Friday, this Friday's monthly VistA Marketing meeting needs to be rescheduled. Let me know if you won't be able to make it if we put it on the calendar for next Friday, April 10th at 2 EST (I don't imagine people are traveling for HIMSS yet). Based on the responses I get, we can see about rescheduling it.

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Minutes of 5/1/15 Call

After introductions of who was on the call, Kris reviewed the VistA Marketing project timeline and website/social media stats to date. She relayed the infographic/business card distributed at HIMSS15 and asked what attendees heard at the conference relative to OS EHR:

Minutes of 3/6/15 Call

Kris urged people to visit the Summit website and register/submit abstracts.

Kris noted that OSEHRA will be exhibiting at HIMSS and bringing the printed infographic (downloadable from the microsite) as well as a business card on OS VistA.

Discussion was had on ways to market OS VistA to EHR decision-makers:

1.09.15 Meeting Minutes

We celebrated the successful launch of the new microsite. A number of people have complimented the site.

Kris showed the Twitter handle and LinkedIn pages and asked for individuals and marketing departments of Members to follow, comment and like these social media.

Kris showed the list of draft Tweets that she has formulated from the informational resources on open source VistA. She'll use these tweets over the next several weeks.

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