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The W3C's push to make data a first class citizen on the web has introduced a host of approaches ("Linked Data") and technologies (SPARQL, OWL, RDF, Microformats) for fully web-based distributed systems. As a highly data-centric system, VistA is a natural fit. This group will explore web-of-data approaches and technologies for VistA with a focus on how they can enable the next generation of VistA system development and expand the community of VistA developers. Read more ...

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New York State Health Data Code-a-Thon - Dec 2013 - Overview

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Document (PDF) with overview of the context, goals and resources for the New York State Health Data Code-a-Thon that will take place on December 19-20, at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

These are the presentation notes from a public Webinar hosted by the NY State Department of Health on Friday December 13, 2013.

NY State Code a Thon

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SMART, VistA, and the Semantic Web

On the subject of VistA and the web of data, here's some background about SMART, a project to enable "substitutable" apps that run on multiple electronic health records systems, personal health records, data mining platforms, and health information exchanges.  We define a RESTful API to expose patient-level data using W3C's Resource Description Framework  -- and the WorldVistA team has built a prototype capable of running SMART Apps running on VistA!

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