Cannot Connect to VM Development using CPRS Demo

Just starting to take a look at OSEHRA and installed the VM using instructions from:

The installation works fine and the VM comes up without issues, but I cannot connect using the OSEHRA CPRS Demo.  It seems to connect fine to the local VM, but always gives

"Not a valid ACCESS CODE/VERIFY CODE pair."

The Roll/Scroll interface works fine.





Problem solved...

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Cannot Connect to VM Development using CPRS Demo

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Thanks for the comment, smetz. I'm glad you were able to find the connection between the two posts and I hope you didn't go through too much trouble to find it. I will edit the previous one to ensure that the link is available without needing another search.  Feel free to come forward with any other problems and we will help when possible!

Thanks again!

- Joe 

Software Process Engineer, OSEHRA