Smoking Status in VistA - Patch PXRM*2*46 pending release

Note that is a re-posting of Linda Herbert's comment as a normal post.  Her old comment post has been deleted. 

VA established a project to address MU standards for smoking status, using the Clinical Reminder package.  The patch is PXRM*2*46.  Here is the patch description:

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Run Date: MAY 07, 2015                      Designation: PXRM*2*46  TEST v

Package : CLINICAL REMINDERS                Priority   : MANDATORY

Version : 2                                 Status     : UNDER DEVELOPMENT


Associated patches: (v)PXRM*2*26   <<= must be installed BEFORE `PXRM*2*46'


Category:  ROUTINE



This patch distributes two new Smoking Use Status Clinical Reminders

that were developed to provide enhancements to Veterans Health

Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA)/Computerized

Patient Record System (CPRS) to allow modular EHR certification with the

Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) 2014 Edition Certification

Criteria in both ambulatory and inpatient settings.

All templates included in this patch will use the existing Clinical

Reminder dialog functionalities; in addition there are 40 new Health

Factors (38 for Outpatient and 2 for Inpatient) which were created to

meet the certification criteria, no new functionalities have been

created to support the clinical reminder package.

The intended users are the clinicians at VHA facilities who routinely

use CPRS. The MU Certification Smoking Use Status Clinical Reminder

content will be made available to all clinicians engaged in the care of

Inpatients and Outpatients at VHA facilities. Proficiency in VistA and

CPRS is the only user requirement.

Here are the standard health factors associated with standard SNOMED coding that will be applied as a national clinical reminder:

HEALTH FACTORS                                                               

   1  MEANINGFUL USE SNOMED                                    X           X  

   2  UNKNOWN IF EVER SMOKED-266927001                                     X  

   3  MU SMOKING USE STATUS                                    X           X  

   4  UNKNOWN TOBACCO HISTORY                                              X  

   5  SMOKER, CURRENT STATUS UNKNOWN-77176002                              X  

   6  FORMER SMOKELESS TOBACCO USE                                         X  

   7  FORMER CIGAR SMOKER                                                  X  

   8  FORMER PIPE SMOKER                                                   X  

   9  NEVER SMOKER-266919005                                               X  

  10  LIFETIME NON-SMOKER OR <100 CIGS                                     X  

  11  CIGARETTE USE                                            X           X  

  12  YEAR QUIT SMOKING CIGS                                               X  

  13  CIGARETTES QUIT <=1 YEAR                                             X  

  14  CIGARETTES QUIT >1 AND <=7 YEARS                                     X  

  15  CIGARETTES QUIT >7 AND <15 YEARS                                     X  

  16  CIGARETTES QUIT >= 15 YEARS                                          X  

  17  FORMER SMOKER-8517006                                                X  

  18  FORMER CIGARETTE SMOKER                                              X

  19  NO TOBACCO <30 DAYS INPT                                             X  

  20  CURRENT SMOKELESS TOBACCO USE                                        X  

  21  LIGHT TOBACCO SMOKER-428061000124105                                 X  

  22  HEAVY TOBACCO SMOKER-428071000124103                                 X  

  23  CIGAR SMOKER-59978006                                                X  

  24  PIPE SMOKER-82302008                                                 X  

  25  CURRENT SOME DAY SMOKER-428041000124106                              X  

  26  NOT EVERY DAY CIGARETTE SMOKER                                       X  

  27  CURRENT EVERY DAY SMOKER-449868002                                   X  

  28  EVERY DAY CIGARETTE SMOKER                                           X  

  29  CURRENT TOBACCO USER INPT                                            X  

  30  PACKS/DAY                                                            X  

  31  TOTAL TIME SMOKED-228487000                                          X  

  32  YEARS SMOKED CIGS                                                    X  

  33  PT DECLINES TO GIVE PK YR HX                                         X