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OSEHRA General Membership Agreement

Becoming a General Member

OSEHRA is a 501(c)(6) trade association formed to advance the collective interests of its organizational (corporate, nonprofit, government) members. OSEHRA also allows individuals to join as General members, subject to a review and approval process designed to ensure that these individuals have a commitment to promoting open source health IT.

Upon receipt of a membership application, OSEHRA initiates the membership review process. The Director of Community Management reviews each General Membership application for conformance with qualifications set in advance by the Board of Directors. The percentage of General Members employed by any single corporation or agency shall not exceed twenty (20) percent of the total number of General Members in good standing. Acceptance of new members shall be made by the Director of Community Management. If approved for General membership, the member is entitled to all the OSEHRA member benefits.

Term of Membership

The membership term is annual, commencing on the member’s join date. Members will be given an opportunity to renew their membership beginning 30 days in advance of their expiration date.


The membership dues for General Members shall be set at $500 per annum and may be changed from time to time by the OSEHRA Board of Directors.

Membership Benefits

  • Interact with the community via the OSEHRA website
  • Participate in discussion groups, working groups and educational events
  • Vote in OSEHRA elections
  • Receive a discount on the annual OSEHRA Open Source Summit registration
  • Receive the quarterly OSEHRA member newsletter with technical and community updates