VAPALS-ELCAP Open Source Project Group

Early Lung Cancer Screening, when used correctly, is a cost effective way to reduce lung cancer treatment costs and save lives. I-ELCAP has developed their own software to track the information needed for their research. This project group will develop an interface between VistA and the I-ELCAP software package, and then build a VistA version of the I-ELCAP software to improve performance and integration with existing clinical work-flows.

The project group will lead an open, collaborative development effort, and provide an opportunity for community participation in the software development life cycle. The resulting code will be licensed as open source under the Apache License Version 2.0 and placed in the OSEHRA repository.

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VAPALS-ELCAP Weekly Meeting Reminder


Yes! The rumors are true! VAPALS-ELCAP meetings are back on!

Join us this week on Wednesday, October 2 at 2 pm Eastern time (10 am Pacific time). We'll be discussing improvements to Smoking History collection, including an improved method for calculating pack years. We'll also discuss HL7 messaging as it relates to the VAPALS-ELCAP software. We hope to see everyone there!

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