VistA Internationalization Project Group

Achieving the goal of producing a modified version of OSEHRA VistA which can be used as a reference implementation for using VistA outside of the U.S., will benefit various members of the community by providing modified versions of VistA, as well as documentation sufficient for those who are interested in internationalization of their VistA versions. 

The produced code will be a new version of OSEHRA VistA. OSEHRA VistA will be used as the master version, as it is optimized for developer customization.  The languages for each of the written language type variants will include Korean, Chinese, German, and Arabic.  Note that this reference implementation will not be a complete customization.  Additional work, such as the translation of ICD-10 codes, will be necessary for an actual hospital implementation.  The reference implementation merely provides the capability for accomplishing the necessary work without extensive VistA coding.

The project will be accomplished by converting VistA to utilize UTF-8 as its internal storage character set.  In addition, a conversion process will be required for the interface between CPRS (a Delphi-based Windows application) and VistA, since Windows uses UTF-16 for its APIs.  The underlying operating system for VistA for the initial effort will be either FIS GT.M™ or YottaDB.  However, the code will be written to accommodate later work done using InterSystems Caché.

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