Minutes of 5/1/15 Call

Minutes of 5/1/15 Call

After introductions of who was on the call, Kris reviewed the VistA Marketing project timeline and website/social media stats to date. She relayed the infographic/business card distributed at HIMSS15 and asked what attendees heard at the conference relative to OS EHR:

  • OSEHRA staff and members raised good 'reframing' questions at sessions
  • there is a huge perception of risk with OS
  • should we use 'open license' rather than 'open source'? There's an argument that if 'open source' is used in other fields, we shouldn't use something different
  • once the VA's VIP program brings in open source product produced by the OSEHRA member vendor community that will be applied to the VistA core, this news of a major gov. agency using open source should be distributed widely (especially before the Summit)

Discussion on a possible topic for the Corporate Member Session at the Summit:

  • institutional resistance to OS
    • lower the perception of risk by pointing out how ubiquitous OS is in many other things we use (mobile, financial)
  • what lever must be pulled to get them to use OS and save $
  • how to engage the financial people who make the decisions 
    • don't just preach to those already in our choir
    • CFO wants what org needs at best possible price
      • (use their language)
    • ​communicate success stories like Oroville and the DSS installation in NY State
  • in other fields you get to 'play' with the options (Apple store)
  • payment reform will put a lot of hospitals in the red
  • financial people will be bracing for the upcoming storm
    • the price of EHRs continues to climb
  • communicate how the VistA workflow (i.e. Pharmacy, others) is better than other EHRs
    • it is built and adapted side by side with clinicians, using an agile process
    • the difference btwn 2500 clicks after work and 900 clicks during patient sessions
    • change management training is important for clinicians
  • consider a blog series on these points, written for the target audience
  • suggestion to link to www.osehr.org on your LinkedIn profiles

Next meeting is June 5.