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Visualization OSPG call today (September 20th, 2018) at 1pm Eastern

Please join us for the Visualization Open Source Project Group call today at 1:00pm Eastern. OSEHRA is transitioning to a new meeting software called Zoom. So please allow extra time for downloads or other joining issues.   The call-in information is below:

Hi there, 

OSEHRA Meeting Line 1 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

VA-PALS Weekly Meeting Reminder


We're back! Please join us tomorrow, September 19 at 2 pm Eastern time (10 am Pacific time) for the weekly meeting of the VA-PALS group. We'll be showing the current user interface and forms, before taking a deep dive into security considerations. Non-technical folks will be interested in the first part, but probably not the second. We hope to see everyone there!

As a reminder, we've switched to GoToMeeting:

Certification Work Group call today (September 18th) at 1:00PM Eastern

Good Morning,

Please join us for the Certification Working Group Call today at 1:00PM Eastern where we will continue with the Final Review for the second revision of the Non-Kernel Fixes submission!

Don't forget, we still have a new meeting program!

OSEHRA is transitioning from Webex to Zoom.  The connection information for the Zoom meeting is found below and will be used for the future meetings:

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