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March 20th, 2018: Meeting Summary

The OSEHRA Certification Work Group continued its streak of Enhanced XINDEX reviews today with the Final Review of the second revision of the submission.  The Peer Review, performed at the out-of-cycle meeting last week, was accepted by the reviewers on the call and the Final Review was immediately underway.  The Final Review returned the same recommendation for the second revision as the first: an OSEHRA Level 3 Certification recommendation.  The group was also brought up-to-date with the March FOIA release processing which was completed last week with the merge to the OSEHR

Previous Meeting Recording and Next Meeting March 29th

Please see the following meeting recording link and attached meeting minutes from last week's Synthetic Patient Data call. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 29th at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time. 

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