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Visualization OSPG call today (March 21st, 2019) at 1pm Eastern

Good morning all,

We hope you'll join the Visualization OSPG for its meeting at 1pm today.  Today marks the halfway point through the current sprint of work, so the task status will be updated and we will discuss potential abstracts to be submitted for the 2019 OSEHRA Summit this summer.  

We hope to see you then!

Certification Work Group call today (March 19th) at 1:00PM Eastern

Please join us for the Certification Working Group Call today at 1:00PM Eastern.  The meeting today will continue on with the certification candidate: the latest revision of the Non-Kernel fixes to FOIA VistA submission.  This new version is a bug fix to add the "QUIT" command to an entry point in the DRG Grouper Package.  We hope you'll join us for this meeting!

The connection information for the Zoom meeting is found below and will be used for the future meetings:

Hi there, 

Need Help with installing KIDS file on OSEHRA VISTA Docker container


I am able to install osehra vista docker container and able to login using ssh. How do I install KIDS file.

I went through this below documentation for installing kids file but it mentions to assume role of system manager but I am not able to see that option in the menu. if I try with system manager access code and verify code then I get error saying that access code and verify code combination doesnt exist.