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Fwd: exporting QRDA Cat1 files

While exporting QRDA Cat1 files from PopHealth (5.0), it doesn't export some templates (e.g. Communization from provider to provider). Is there any settings which I have to tweak? 

Please see patient is Bessie, Mason. This patient has following template in source QRDA1 but popHealth doesn't export it and that's why QRDA1 test fails for this measure.

"The mission of the VistA...

"The mission of the VistA js Work Group is to establish an Open Source community focused on enterprise architecture platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation, developing future-proof solutions that transform the raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured, usable data that materially enhances future interactions.

Interest in having a code convergence call?

Two topics I am thinking of: quick update on eHMP install efforts; and my work to be able to install YottaDB automatically. If 2 people express an interest, we will hold a meeting; otherwise, I can just talk to you privately on the phone.

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