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New eHMP Technical Working Group to Convene on May 1, 2017

A new Technical Working Group (TWG) is being established for VA’s Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP).  It will provide a forum for the discussion of open source software issues for the eHMP project, and ensure that the community is well-informed and has the opportunity to participate in eHMP as part of the open source software initiative.

OSEHRA Vision Document Released

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In January of this year, OSEHRA and Organizational Member DSS, Inc. convened the Community Vision and Strategy Work Group.  I co-chaired this group with Alyssa Stanley (DSS, Inc.), and we had several great calls and a ton of input from members.  Those of you interested in hearing the recordings of the calls, or seeing the many opinions and reference links offered by the group members should visit the work group page.

Recording and Slides From AWG Meeting 4-19-2017 - An Overview of HL7 Integration of Information Models and Tools (IIM&T) Project, Steve Hufnagel, TIAG

Thanks to Steve Hufnagel for an informative overview of the HL7 Integration of Information Models and Tools (IIM&T) Project.  I would like to have Steve come back again to talk about the various open source tools that are available to move from standardized domain models into implementation artifacts such as FHIR profiles.