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Pophealth V6 Step 3 cannot complete key download

Hi Team Need your help and assistance , While setting up Installation-v6.0 using https://github.com/OSEHRA/popHealth/wiki/Installation-v6.0 We are unable to complete Step3 : sudo chef-client -z -j install_ecqmEngine.json . Since key file download from [https://dl.packager.io/srv/OSEHRA/js-ecqm-engine/key] seems to block our datacenter's public IP . Is there a way around to tweak and complete the process . Kindly advice .

Meeting Today at 3:00 P.M. ET & Summit Video

Please join us, as the Synthetic Patient Data Project Group will meet today at 3:00 P.M. ET. Please see the Zoom information below. Also the Summit Proceedings are posted, which means you can find the video of the Project Group's Roundtable presentation here: https://www.osehra.org/post/2019-osehra-summit-synthetic-patient-data-project-group-roundtable

Zoom Link: Here or osehra.zoom.us/join with Meeting ID: 961-985-538

Another Victory! Victory Programming Environment (VPE) Version 15.1 Released

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OSEHRA is delighted to announce that Version 15.1 of VPE has achieved OSEHRA Level 3 Certification. Last year we announced the release of Version 14.0 which is currently on VA’s Technical Reference Model (TRM). After several community enhancements contributed over the past 4 months, OSEHRA will now work to get version 15.1 accepted for use within VA.