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Perspecta's DHP Synthea Manager

The DHP Synthea Manager uses the DHP Synthea Service back-end to produce synthetic patients and allow you to manage the output. Options include viewing the data raw or in OSEHRA's SyntheaTM Viewer, sending the data to VistA using the VistA FHIR Data Loader, or filtering the patients by disease.

Perspecta's DHP Synthea Service

The DHP Synthea Service project allows the SyntheaTM synthetic data creation tool be called through a web API and is used as the back-end for the DHP Synthea Manager

VistA FHIR Data Loader

The VistA FHIR Data Loader project lets you load data from SyntheaTM into VistA to produce high quality synthetic patient data for development and testing. Other FHIR data sources are supportable; but are not supported at this time.

Synthetic Patient Data Project Group Disease Model

A disease model for Anemia as created by the Synthetic Patient Data Project Group to add to the current disease models found in SyntheaTM. Detailed information on this code can be found in the "Disease Modeling" tab.

OSEHRA SyntheaTM Viewer

The OSEHRA SyntheaTM Viewer a quick D3 visualization which can be used to display Synthea data in a longitudinal format. This visualization capability can be access from the DHP Synthea Manager as well.