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Open Source Technical Support and Working Group Services for VA VistA

The principal objective of this contract is to enhance VA’s ability to exploit the benefits of open source innovation.  The scope of work will provide critical analysis, identification, prioritization, and code certification services that will “tee up” desirable open source code for intake by VA.  The analysis and prioritization will provide functional input that can be used to support the internal intake process, while the open source certification will ensure that the code is sufficiently mature and well-documented to have a high probability of success in VA’s rigorous internal integration testing.  The diagram below shows the overall process, starting with the identification of potential open source intake candidates, and resulting in a quarterly In-Process Review within VA, from which recommendations for intake will emerge.  Depending upon factors such as size and complexity, the approved candidates will be forwarded either to the Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP), or to OIT Product Development for consideration as a full-scale intake project.

Following open source best practice, operation under this contract will be as transparent as possible.  Community members are encouraged to submit suggestions for consideration, and to participate in the OSEHRA certification process.  All of the analyses, selection criteria, prioritization documents, etc. that constitute each quarterly Capabilites Based Assessment package will be posted on this site for review and comment.  Our goal is to solicit maximum community participation in every aspect of the contract.

OSEHRA Contract Flow Chart


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