OSEHRA is furnishing the community with a set of interrelated web Groups to provide developers, users, system integrators, and the public, with information and tools they need to accelerate collaboration and open source software development.  We invite your participation by joining the Groups representing your interests.  The Groups, in turn, will provide you with tools for access to up to date content, a community of shared interest and tools for collaboration and sharing.

The 10 OSEHRA “Core Principles”:

  • Principle #1:  We believe there are more smart, creative, innovative people outside any organization than inside.
  • Principle #2:  Software is human knowledge transformed into Code.  It needs operators, maintainers and an engaged community to thrive.
  • Principle #3:  Closed projects die from intellectual starvation.  We never finish developing software.
  • Principle #4:  We seek interested people, with shared goals, and then earn their trust!
  • Principle #5: Transparency, transparency, transparency.  We seek to tear down the walls and locked gates barring access to Information.
  • Principle #6:  The OSEHRA Community is a meritocracy based on autonomy, mastery, and shared purpose.                                                       
  • Principle #7:  We release early; and release often.                                                                                                                  
  • Principle #8:  We avoid private discussions; and share what we know.
  • Principle #9:  We seek to establish credibility by forging strong relationships with other Open Source Communities.
  • Principle #10:  We welcome the unexpected; the community will always surprise; listen carefully!