First Annual Open Source EHR Summit & Workshop

James Peake, MD

Chairman, Board of Directors, OSEHRA and Former Secretary, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Peter Levin, PhD
Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Chief Technology Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs

Seong Ki Mun, PhD

President & CEO, OSEHRA

& OSEHRA Technical Team


Day1: Plenary Sessions

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Woodrow Wilson Ballroom


8:30 AM

Opening Session – The Future of Open Source Software and the EHR  

Session Chair:

Honorable James Peake, MD, Chairman, Board of Directors, OSEHRA and Former Secretary, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

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John Halamka, MD, MS
CIO,Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Member, and Board of Directors, OSEHRA 

Open Source in Healthcare Has Arrived

Robert Wentz
President& CEO,
Oroville Hospital, CA

OSEHRA Panel Discussion

Seong Ki Mun, PhD

President & CEO,

Open Source EHR Agent:
An Engine of Rapid Innovation
Looking at the Future

10:30 AM

Health IT Innovations in the Department of Veterans Affairs

Session Chair: 

Theresa Cullen, MD, Director, Health Informatics, Veterans Health Administration

Honorable Roger W. Baker
Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology, Department of Veterans Affairs

Michael O’Neill
Senior Advisor, VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2), Department of Veterans Affairs

Robert L. Jesse, MD, PhD
Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Department of Veterans Affairs

12:00 PM

Industry Trends and Why They Matter to an Open Source EHR Community

Luncheon Speaker:

Andrew Aitken, GM & SVP, Olliance Group, a Black Duck Software Division

1:00 PM

Integrated Electronic Health Records (iEHR)

Session Chair:

CAPT Michael Weiner, MD, Interagency Program Office

Barclay Butler, PhD
Director,DOD/VA Interagency Program Office

OSEHRA Panel Discussion

Col. Albert Bonnema, MD, MPH
United States Air Force


David A. Wheeler, PhD 
Institute for Defense Analysis

DOD and Open Source Software

3:00 PM

Open Source Best Practice and Business Models

Session Chair:

John D. Halamka, MD, MS, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,and Member, Board of Directors, OSEHRA

Todd Park
US Chief Technology Officer, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President

Shahid Shah 
President and CEO
Netspective Communications, LLC 

Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Director

EHR OpenNESS: Innovation and Uptake

Eric Perakslis, PhD

Chief Information Officer and Chief Scientist(Informatics), Food and Drug Administration

5:00 PM

Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator:

David Peters, ADCIO, Development Management Department of Veterans Affairs. Office of Information and Technology

Panel Members:

Howard Hays, MD, MSPH

Chief Information Officer (Acting), Indian Health Service (IHS)




David Peters

ADCIO, Development Management Department of Veterans Affairs. Office of Information and Technology

Open Source Chronology

Aneel Advani, MD 
Senior Vice-President, Healthcare





Myung Kim
Vice President 
3M Health, Information System




Fabian Lopez 
VistA Extension Hub
Conceptual Designer, 
DSS, Inc.






Day 2: Early Plenary and Break Out Sessions

Thursday, October 18, 2012



Opening Session – An Open Source Approach to Veteran Health Care

Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

Session Chair:

Michael O’Neill, Senior Advisor, VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2),Department of Veterans Affairs

Honorable W.Scott Gould
Deputy Secretary,  Department of Veterans Affairs


Peter Levin, PhD
Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Chief Technology Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs

As the Deputy Was Saying ...





Woodrow Wilson Ballroom


Woodrow Wilson B


Woodrow Wilson C



Woodrow Wilson D

Session One

9:15– 10:45 AM




Interoperability and Testing

Chair: Keith McCall, KRM


OS Development Tools / Methods

Chair: Evan Tradup, VA


New Clinical Tools

Chair: Fabian Lopez, DSS


Big Data & Clinical Genomics

Chair: Gerry Higgins,

AssureRx Health Inc.

Lauren Thompson 
Office of National Coordinator
Open Source’s Role in CONNECTing the Nation’s Healthcare Community


Robert Rogers
Application Matrix, LLC
Data Portability Requirements for EHRs


Mario Hyland
Developers Integration Lab (DILSM) Testing


John Wolf
Harris Healthcare Solutions
Support and Implementation of iEHR in the SOA ESB Framework for DoD and VA Applications







Parsons Institute for Info Mapping
A Roadmap for Development: The PIIM Canonic GUI Model SimplifiesHL7 Messaging


Christopher Goranson

Parsons Institute for Information Mapping
Development of an Open-Source Visual Display for the Patient-Centered Medical Home Environment


Erick Pupo
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Open Source and Patient Privacy – Emerging Trends


Russell Davis
US Air Force







Gary A. Jones
G. Allen Jones Enterprises
“My Meds”: a Medicine/Procedure Software Application


Odysseas Pentakalos

SYSNET International
Open EMPI: An Open Source Enterprise Master Patient Index


Cecil Lynch
Accenture Health and Public Service
The Role of NLP in the EHR Data Lifecycle













Atul Butte
Stanford University 
Computational Clinical Interpretation of Patients Presenting with Whole Genomes


Gerry Higgins and John Dawson

AssureRx Health Inc. and Exact Data
Experimental Platform for Testing Large Scale Integration of Personal Genome Variant and Electronic Health Record Data


Alexander(Sasha) Zaranek

Harvard Medical School
An Open-Source, On-premise Molecular Medicine System Burstable to the Cloud


Christophe Lambert

Golden Helix

Dealing with Big Genomic Data: Towards Predictive & Preventative Medicine



Session Two

11:00– 12:30 PM


OS Ecosystems

Chair: Myung Kim, 3M


Innovations OS VistA

Chair: Chris Uyehara, VA


OS in Mobile Health

Chair: Steve Steffensen,  TATRC



The Genome-Enabled EHR

Chair: Gerry Higgins,

AssureRx Health Inc.

Peter Groen
Open Health News
Global Open Health IT Community



K.S. Bhaskar
Fidelity Information Services
Eleven Years of FOSS – the GT.M Experience



Edmund Billings
VistA across West Virginia



Ignacio Valdes
Astronaut LLC
Unleashing Potentials to New Heights of Innovation




Matt McCall
White House Fellow
Blue Button America: A PHR


Julie Harvey

Veterans Affairs
Progress of 10-1 Initiative



Chris Rhodes
Veterans Health Administration
Business Impact of Veterans Health Administration to Open Source



Steve Hufnagel 
tiag and Architecture Working Group
Open Source Health Services Platform for iEHR

Gary Sikora
Progny Systems Corp.
iPhone-Based AHLTA Mobile Prime (iAMP) Mobile Clinical Assistance



Keith McCall
KRM Associates
Healthe Me



Kenneth Wong
Virginia Tech
Development of a Medic Smartphone Platform using Open Source Software



David Hill
The MITRE Corporation
hReader Mobile Family Health Manager




Joshua Denny
Vanderbilt University Medical University
Prospective Genotyping and Pharmacogenomics in the Electronic Health Record



Kensaku Kawamoto
University of Utah
Clinical Decision Support for Genetically Guided Personalized Medicine



Jeff S. Brown
Harvard Medical School 
The MDPH net Distributed Querying Approach for Public Health



Julio Licinio
John Curtain School of Medical Research
Translational Psychiatry: How Can Pharmacogenomics Bridge the Translational Gap in Mental Health?



12:30 PM

Luncheon Speaker: Shahid Shah 
President and CEO
Netspective Communications, LLC 

Session Three

1:45– 3:30 PM


Sustainable Models

Chair: Andrew Aitken, Olliance


OS Innovations

Chair: Peter Groen,
Open Health News


Global Activities

Chair: Michael Ackerman, National Library of Medicine



 Data Mining & Data Analytics

Chair: Gerry Higgins,

AssureRx Health Inc.


Kenneth Rubin
Hewlett Packard
Applying OSS Experiences From Other Verticals into Healthcare


Deanne Clark

vx VistA Journey


Edmund Billings
Commercialization of Open Source VistA


John(Jack) Taylor
Business Information Technology Solutions Inc
Health Information and Its Meaningful Use



Afsin Ustundag
Ray Group International
Open Source EHR Refactoring Services and Automated Functional Testing Framework


Edward Ost
Refactoring with Data Services


Conor Dowling
VistA as Linked Data


Thomas Fagan
Veterans Affairs
Software Enhancements Within VA as Candidates for OSEHRA Evaluation


Shinji Kobayashi
Ehime University
Status of Open Source Software in Medicine in Japan


Richard Thoreson, 
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Ubiquitous Privacy Protection Using Open Source Web Services


Rob Tweed
M/Gateway Development
Developing Mobile Applications for VistA using EWD


Hon Pak
Open Framework on Personalized Virtual Health Wallet



Brian Athey
University of Michigan
Open Source, Precompetitive Data Sharing Using the tranSMART Informatics Platform


Dietrich Stephan
Silicon Valley Biosystems
Event-Driven Clinically Relevant Variants at the Point of Care through SaaS: Genomes in the EHR


Albert Bonnema
US Air Force
Secondary Data Use Architecture in the Air Force Medical Service








Session Four

3:45– 5:15 PM


Interoperability & Safety

Chair:  Robert Kolodner,

Open Health Tools


VistA Code Activities

Chair: Lorraine Landfried, VA


Working with OSEHRA

Chair: DaCosta Barrow, 3M



Open Data, Open Science

Chair: Gerry Higgins,

AssureRx Health Inc.

Richard Chapman
Food and Drug Administration
Embedded Software and Open Source



Michael Vaughn
Johns Hopkins University
Bringing an Open-Source EHR to Informatics Education: VistA for Education


Doug Rosendale
Veterans Affairs


Mark Braunstein
Georgia Tech
The Interoperability & Integration Innovation Lab at Georgia Tech

Conor Dowling
VistA's Open Source Medical Terminologies


Marcia Pickard
Veterans Affairs
Services: The Backbone of Open Source Framework – VA’s Story


Joel Mewton & Chris Uyehara
Veterans Affairs
M, MDWS and a Movement


Rob Tweed
M/Gateway Developments Ltd
Creating and Consuming VistA Web Services using EWD

Wesley Turner

Code Acceptance and Repository


Christopher Edwards

Code Management



“Gold Disk Management”


Luis Ibáñez
Agile Web Projects in 4 weeks – EWD in Healthcare



Leonard D’Avolio
Achieving the ‘Learning Healthcare System’ and the Role of the EMR


Gholson Lyon

ColdSpring Harbor Laboratory
Clinical issues with the return of Exome and Whole Genome SequencingResults


Fred Prior
Washington University
Building Open Science Communities For Imaging Research


Tom Munnecke

Genomics and Future VistA (No slides)




5:30PM – 6:30 PM

Closing Session: Seong Ki Mun, PhD.