Git Repository

OSEHRA’s code repositories contain the public code base and any tools and utilities that are useful to the community. OSEHRA uses Git, an open source distributed version control system, to manage its code repository.

Open Source License

The source code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.  OSEHRA's licensing terms (draft) can be seen here: OSEHRA Licensing Terms.  Join OSEHRA's Licensing Terms community group to discuss the licensing terms.

Certified Versions

There is currently no certified version of VistA by OSEHRA.  Current status in contained here - OSEHRA-Issue: VAF-10.



Another branch is in the process of being added to the repository to contain fixes, enhancements, etc. contributed by the community that have been certified and granted the permission to be merged into the "comunity" version.


Currently the master branch follows the FOIA release from the Department of Vetran's Affairs.  The process of updating the repository is being modified to apply patches from KIDS builds as they are released by VA instead of extracting the CACHE.DAT blobs into the repository.

Note:  the HEAD revision will contain fixes that allow the FOIA version to run acceptably.  These modifications will be extremely minimal and performed on an as needed basis and will be tracked and reported in the OSEHRA issue tracker.  See OSEHRA-Issue: VAF-11 for an example of these minimal modifications.


Downloading the OSEHRA Source Code

The development community is welcome to download OSEHRA managed code from the repositories.

OSEHRA maintains two repositories facilitating the development of VistA:

  • VistA.git: OSEHRA VistA Development Tools and VistA Patches
  • VistA-M.git: OSEHRA VistA M Components (raw .m and .zwr)

OSEHRA's Git repositories are located at:

Download the source code Development version as compressed files from the Repository

Clone the source code Development version from OSEHRA's Git repositories

Using the Git protocol

          git    clone   git://

          git    clone   git://

Using the HTTP protocol

          git    clone

          git    clone

Additional mirrors of VistA, VistA-M, and other OSEHRA related source code repositories are available at the following public repositories:

OSEHRA Official GitHub Repository

OSEHRA Sandbox GitHub Repository

VistA-M RASR - Roll-n-Scroll Recorder
VistA Document Library VOLDEMORT
Healtheme M-RoutineAnalyzer
Blue-Button-Document-Adaptor CodeConvergenceRegistration
OpenAHLTA OSEHRA-Technical-Journal-Template
fileman-22ps M-Tools
SKIDS m.js - Javascript bindings to the M database

You are welcome to download OSEHRA managed code from any of the public repositories.  If your organization would like to host another mirror, and be included in the above list, please contact us at

Contributed Codes

For a list of contributed codes, see OSEHRA Technical Journal