OSS Workshop

LTG (Ret.) James B. Peake, MD
Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Former Army Surgeon General
Lt Gen. Charles B. Green, MD
Air Force Surgeon General
Fred Goeringer
MIL-OSS Workshop Co-Chair


September 22-23, 2011 - Arlington, VA

OSEHRA’s “Open Source Software (OSS) and the Military Health System (MHS)” community enablement workshop reviewed OSS technology and product lifecycle management of OSS. It provided MHS leadership team with additional knowledge in which to base their OSS initiatives. This workshop brought together OSS experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and civilian sector as well as academia. The two-day workshop’s sessions presented key relevant aspects of OSS technology that might be helpful for the DoD-VA joint efforts in health information technology. The workshop event program has been uploaded to this site's library. Individual session presentations are available through this site for review (see links below).


Thursday September 22, 2011 

Session Presenter
How Does an Open Source Project Run on a Daily basis? - A View from the Ground Karl Fogel
Civic Commons
Open Source and Department of Defense Dan Risacher
Department of Defense
Governance in Managing OSS Alex S. Voultepsis
Office of DNI
Security and Life Cycle Management David Wheeler, PhD
Institute of Defense Analysis
Quality Improvement in OSS Operations Rick Avila
Kitware, Inc.
Collaboration and Innovation Gunnar Hellekson
Red Hat
Case Study: OSS at National Cancer Institute Fred Prior, PhD
Washington University
Intellectual Property Management to Foster Collaboration Will Schroeder
Kitware, Inc.
Open Science, Open Data, and Open Software Terry Yoo, PhD
National Library of Medicine
Open Source Activities of TATRC Steve Steffensen, MD


Friday September 23, 2011 

Session Presenter
OSS and the Food and Drug Administration Richard Chapman
Food and Drug Administration
OSS in Clinical Operations David L. Campbell
West Virginia Community Health
Infoway – Canadian Initiative Ron Parker
Canada Health Infoway
The Future of OSS and Business Development Doug Goldstein