Plans and White Papers

Plans and White Papers

We have created a series of plans that define what OSEHRA will be doing (with your help) to bring the open-source community around VistA to a new level. These documents describe our approach in key areas such as the code repository, software quality certification, software licensing terms, and community enablement.

In addition, we have provided short “white paper” versions of these plans to allow you to quickly review the highlights. We know we did not get everything right in these documents and the best way to fix this is to provide them to you, the community, for feedback. You can either provide short comments on the plans and white papers using the provided discussion group link (aka a forum or message board) for each area or you can provide us with a document outlining your feedback on the plans.


Software Quality Certification

Community Enablement

Software Licensing Terms

Open Source Code Contribution

Please provide feedback documents to