OSEHRA is providing members of the community with a range wide of state of the art resources to accelerate the creation and amplify the impact of EHR software innovation.

These include:

  • Development Tools: A suite of development tools to facilitate the development and evaluation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. 

    OSEHRA provides the community with access to state of the art suite of software development tools that assist software developers to write, test, maintain, and document code for inclusion in the VistA codebase at a rate not previously attainable.  These tools ensure that code improvements are “Safe, Compliant, and Functional”.

  • Documentation: Clear, consistent documentation of the EHR codebase function, interaction, and state.

    OSEHRA furnishes the community with clear and accessible definitions of the components of the codebase, the manner in which they function, and how they interact.  OSEHRA provides initial documentation of the existing architecture and regular updates, as needed.

  • Education: A repository of common education artifacts that can be accessed or downloaded by the user community.

    For the open source software development effort to proceed with the pace and innovation OSEHRA anticipates, the community needs to training materials on VistA code, the culture of open interfaces, modularity and reuse, and life cycle management of open source software.

  • Plans and White Papers:

    We have created a series of plans that define what OSEHRA will be doing (with your help) to bring the open-source community around VistA to a new level. These documents describe our approach in key areas such as the code repository, software quality certification, software licensing terms, and community enablement.

  • Support: Various models of support for the codebase and derived products.

    OSEHRA provides support to the community as a platform to efficiently connect community members to services, funding opportunities and strategic partnerships they need to achieve their research, commercialization and policy goals.