Another Victory! Victory Programming Environment (VPE) Version 15.1 Released

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OSEHRA is delighted to announce that Version 15.1 of VPE has achieved OSEHRA Level 3 Certification. Last year we announced the release of Version 14.0 which is currently on VA’s Technical Reference Model (TRM). After several community enhancements contributed over the past 4 months, OSEHRA will now work to get version 15.1 accepted for use within VA.

VPE is a proven, terminal-based, integrated development environment written in MUMPS that provides developers with a wide variety of tools for creating and working with MUMPS programs and data structures. While it was initially designed with VistA in mind, it can also be effective in other MUMPS environments.

OSEHRA would like to thank all community members, especially David Wicksell and Greg Kreis, who contributed to the development and review of this software. Additionally, we would like to invite the community to an Innovation Webinar dedicated to VPE on Tuesday, July 30th at 3:00 P.M. EDT: Register Here. For those who are new to VPE, the following video can offer an introduction to the software:

Version 15.1 contains many enhancements and fixes, the most important of which include:

  • Syntax Highlighting in editor and viewer.
  • New features and bug fixes of ESC-G.

Full release notes and source code can be found in the OSEHRA Technical Journal.