Facebook Just Released React Native for Android on Open Source

Just as a follow-up - some extremely important news literally came out in the last hour from Facebook - as I’d predicted in my presentation, they’ve released their version of React Native for Android on Open Source:


This is now *extremely* relevant to the VA - it means that desktop browser apps, Native iOS and Native Android apps can be developed by the same team, using the same patterns and techniques, and EXACTLY the same back-end logic. This really is the holy grail - and something I know the VA has been grappling with for many years without any solution in sight…..till now.

…and of course, EWD.js supports it all today, which means it can be used to be modernise VistA today on all platforms:



Recording and slides from the OSEHRA AWG Presentation - How Facebook’s Technologies can Define the Future of VistA, Rob Tweed, M/Gateway Development, Ltd. (09-08-2015)