OSEHRA CDS WG Telecom 3PM ET Today (Tuesday) - HSPC-compliant Clinical Decision Support System, Dr. Emory Fry, Cognitive Medical System, Inc.

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Please join the OSEHRA CDS WG meeting for a presentation by Dr. Emory Fry of Cognitive Medical System Inc. on HSPC-compliant Clinical Decision Support System.

Here is an overview:

The scenario includes use cases in which complex event processing of physiologic waveforms detects clinically important fluctuations in systolic blood pressure that do not trigger patient monitor alarms; the association of these blood pressure anomalies with medication administrations and/or early onset sepsis; and recommended therapeutic interventions based on the patient’s genomic profile.

The use cases orchestrate services based on several HL7 standards (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources [FHIR], Decision Support Service [DSS], Unified Communications [UCOM] and Event Publish & Subscribe [EPS]) to create and deliver real-time CDS advice to providers at the bedside. The demonstration will also illustrate advanced capabilities such as dynamic routing alerts using different communication channels (email, SMS, etc.) and escalation of advice to alternative recipients.

Date and Time: Tuesday 3PM ET, May 31th, 2016


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