Subject: OSEHRA CDS WG...

Subject: OSEHRA CDS WG Telecom 3PM EDT Tuesday - Health eDecisions CDS application for Veteran PTSD and Suicide Management Demonstration, Claude Nanjo, Cognitive Medical Systems

This is a reminder that Claude Nanjo of Cognitive Medical Systems will present the Health eDecisions CDS application for Veteran PTSD and Suicide Management at the OSEHRA CDS meeting tomorrow at 3 PM EST.


As part of an ONC Standards & Interoperability initiative, Cognitive Medical Systems helped develop an HL7 DSTU standard--Health eDecisions (HeD)--to allow for exchange of clinical decision support (CDS) artifacts between proprietary EHR systems. In response to HeD use case 1 and in partnership with Motive Medical Intelligence, Cognitive created a PTSD/suicide risk assessment for the VA with the goal of sharing interoperable CDS knowledge in a computable format. Nanjo will demonstrate how to leverage this standard to bring an XML Documentation Template for a Suicide Risk Assessment into a system, translate and render it so that a clinician can fill it, and thus make the artifact immediately actionable within the clinical workflow at the point of care. The prototype is aspirational in nature and aims to demonstrate how such content is sufficiently expressive to be consumed and made actionable in a proprietary system with little to no human intervention in target systems that are more closely aligned and mappable to standards in their internal representations.

DATE & TIME: Tuesday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT - 11/10/2015

CALL IN: Dial-in: 1-650-479-3207

Access code: 660 644 796

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