Community Call Complete on VA RFIs – No Followup Planned

At 2PM yesterday afternoon, OSEHRA hosted a community call to highlight three recent VA RFIs ("VistA MUMPS Analysis Tooling”, “VistA Commercialization” and “Supplemental Commercial Health Information Technology Platform”).  We wish to thank the many community members who participated.  The recording of the call is now available online.  At the conclusion, we asked whether the second scheduled call was necessary.  The feedback we have gotten indicates that community members do not see any needs for the second community call originally scheduled for this Thursday.

Accordingly, we are cancelling the scheduled Thursday call, and continuing to respond to individual requests for assistance.  Having already responded to the first, we will also respond to the remaining RFIs as we discussed at the yesterday’s meeting.

We believe these RFI’s represent an excellent opportunity to offer your capabilities and expertise and make open source the best path forward for VA.  Open source can allow VA to achieve the most flexible and powerful health IT ecosystem for Veterans, as well as drive the national health IT agenda.  We strongly encourage all community members to respond to these requests for information.

Seong K, Mun, PhD
President and CEO