Community Conference Call on VistA Standardization, Virtualization, Consolidation, and Security Remediation RFI: Thanks – and Apologies!

Many thanks to all of you who participated in yesterday's conference call. We were extremely gratified to see more than 150 people participating! As promised, an OSEHRA discussion group has been established: Community Response to the RFI on VistA Standardization, Virtualization, Consolidation, and Security Remediation.  We have added as many participants as we could identify to the group.   For those who are not yet an OSEHRA Associate Member and would like to receive emails from the group, please sign up for the OSEHRA membership and join the discussion group.  In addition, the slides and the recording of the call are also available.

Now, for the apology!   We were so happy to see the tremendous participation on the call that we forgot about our login restriction on WebEx.  Only the first one hundred of you were actually able to log in, see the slides, and get a participant code so that you could be recognized on the call. We also had instances of people logging off and then being unable to get back into the call because the limit had been exceeded.  We are taking steps to increase our capacity on WebEx as quickly as possible.  I apologize for any frustration you may have encountered, and I assure you that this situation will not reoccur.  Thanks for your continued participation and support.