Draft OSEHRA Community Response to OMB Open Source Policy

The draft OSEHRA Community Response to OMB Open Source Policy is now available for review and comment.  Please note that there will be no meeting today.

You can send your feedback to OSEHRA in two ways:

1) If you are a member of the OSEHRA Community Response to OMB Open Source Policy Work Group, you can email to the group mailing address - omb-open-source-policy@groups.osehra.org.  Your feedback will be posted directly to the group site.

2) or if you prefer, you can email to: omb-os-policy@osehra.org.

Please send you feedback no later than April 10th.  Comments to OMB are due on April 11th.

Again, OSEHRA encourage individual responses to OMB, the more responses the better.

Thanks to all who contributed to this important effort.  We look forward to your feedback.





Draft OSEHRA Community Response to OMB Open Source Policy

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I like this a lot, Peter. The only area that I don't see reflected
as strongly as it might - and maybe it's a scope issue - is the
governments use of Open Source software acquired externally
(as opposed to developed and contributed to the Open Source
community. There is a little about generally in the sections related
to government participation in Open Source community but I
don't see enough in this policy about how the government treats Open
Source products it brings in and then potentially modifies.
As an Open Source developer trying to do business with the Federal
government this is one of my primary concerns.




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