Community Call on Cybersecurity for VistA

To members of OSEHRA Community,

Dr. Paul Tibbits, MD., DCIO Architecture, Strategy, and Design, Department of Veterans Affairs raised the following questions on cybersecurity for VistA.   We have scheduled a community call for Wednesday, March 16 at 1:00 PM Eastern to provide community response to him.

Here is the list of questions from Dr. Tibbits:

  1. Does the open source community have a focus on cybersecurity?
  2. Are projects to enhance cybersecurity proposed to OSEHRA by the open source community? If so, have any been completed?
  3. Are there lessons learned from Red Hat/LINUX WRT cybersecurity that might be applicable to health IT?
  4. What is the relationship of OSEHRA certification to cybersecurity?

Please join us virtually:

Date/Time: Wednesday 1 PM EST, March 16 2016


Call-in number: 1-650-479-3207
Access code: 661 832 679

Once again, thank you for your collaboration and dedication to our mission.

Seong Ki