Re: [development-tools] Successfully installed VistA (via OSEHRA/VAGRANT)... Need...

On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 9:50 AM, wrote:

> According to my findings for your requests below, my ZU.m routine does not
> exist (the /home/osehra/r directory exists)
> My guess is I have an incomplete install.

​It would appear to be so. The ls listings you gave in the previous e-mail
show that no routines were imported. You need to have internet access the
whole time the vagrant up is running (about 30mins on a fast connection) I
commonly see this if internet access was interrupted.​

> a) I do not recall specifically installing routines. Is there a separate
> step for installing M routines. For reference, I used installation web
> page:

​You do not install the routines separately. The vagrant up script will run
the commands to import the routines.​

> b) I have 2 installations that have been installed over a week ago. Were
> there install script updates since then? if there were updates, should I
> re-install?

​The installation scripts have not been updated in the last week.​

c) I have not used or configured CPRS... I only have used local terminal
> window to successful login via ssh and poke around GTM-E prompt
> (rollnscroll ?) interface

​Sticking with the terminal window to do initial smoke tests is a smart
idea at the moment.​

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