DSS Contributes Fix for Patient Merge Issue in VistA

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DSS Inc., one of our leading Organizational Members, has identified and addressed a patient merge issue in the FOIA VistA release that can result in missing patient allergy data. 

In the specific case where the “merged from” patient has allergies but the “merged to” patient has no allergy assessment, the resulting merged patient gets invalid data in the Adverse Reaction Assessment file (#120.86). As a result, the merged patient will not show previously recorded allergies in CPRS, and no allergy order checks take place in CPRS. We consider this a patient safety issue, since it can result in previously recorded allergies being invisible after the merge.

DSS has contributed an open source patch to address this problem. The patch fixes the underlying issue in routine GMRAMRG so that allergy/ADR data for future patient merges is merged correctly. The patch also runs a post-install routine to fix the bad data in file #120.86.

OSEHRA extends its thanks to DSS for their efforts on this issue. This is an excellent example of how members of the open source community can benefit from one another’s product improvements. The code has been loaded into the OSEHRA Technical Journal, and will be fast-tracked for certification by the end of the week. 



Patient merge issue

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Many of you may not know that Patient Merge was the subject of a year of work to get out all of the bugs and improve it in the past, but it was not deployed immediately and when the developers retired, their work was DELETED from the server where it was stored!!!   A diligent search did not turn up any backups.