New Online Course: Understanding EWD.js: Working with Global-based Databases

I’ve added an important new online course to the EWD.js training materials available at Udemy.  It’s named “Understanding EWDjs: Working with Global-based Databases”

As its title implies, the new course focuses on how you use the Global-based storage provided by Cache, GlobalsDB or GT.M from within EWD.js.

In fact, however, the course takes a wide-ranging look at Global storage, including:

- the basics of what it is

- how it can be used to model all the different types of NoSQL database

- how it can be accessed from Node.js via the cache.node and NodeM interfaces

- the uniquely powerful JavaScript projection of Globals that is used by EWD.js, which allows Globals to be handled as persistent JavaScript Objects, known as GlobalNode Objects

- how this projection allows EWD.js to use Cache, GlobalsDB and GT.M as sophisticated document databases

- how the EWD.js Session is implemented using GlobalNode objects

- how GlobalNode objects can be used to allow EWD.js to integrate with legacy application code.

Not only is this course a must for anyone using EWD.js (whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro), it is also recommended for anyone wanting to learn about the power and adaptability of Global-based databases - they’re a little known and poorly understood technology, and turn out to be made for use with Node.js. 

I think you’ll find that this course demonstrates that the original NoSQL database technology is still the best and most powerful you can use.

To celebrate the launch of this course, I’m running a special offer - 5 copies of the course are available for free on a first-come, first served basis using the URL and code below.  However, there’s a catch - I’ll expect you to provide a course review on completion!

Here’s the URL - you’d better be quick to grab the course for free!

Otherwise go to the M/Gateway web site ( and click the Training tab - you’ll find the link to all the EWD.js courses there, including this new one.