Enhanced ViViaN™ Now Available on OSEHRA Website

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We’re please to announce a new version of our ViViaN™ visualization toolset.  OSEHRA’s VistA Cross Reference (DOX) pages have gotten a great deal of positive feedback from VistA users/developers inside and outside of VA.  However, it didn’t capture some of the more obscure package dependencies, and there was no ability to export reports.  VA needed both capabilities to assist with internal development efforts, and funded a set of enhanced capabilities.  The new version not only directly addresses VA’s requirements, but will also benefit the entire community.

ViViaN is actually driven by XINDEX, which is very familiar to VistA developers.  The improved analysis capability was achieved by developing a new version of XINDEX, which is also now available for community use.   With the new XINDEX tool, the DOX pages provide a much wider view of a VistA instance’s data. 

While ViViaN has always been open source, the generation of ViViaN and DOX pages was a complex procedure with many “moving parts."  To mitigate some of this complexity, OSEHRA has generated new documentation and a streamlined  procedure with CTest-driven tasks to perform the bulk of the work.  For certain environments, the Docker virtualization system can almost completely automate the process.  This makes ViViaN a more portable tool.

We invite community members to take a look at the new ViViaN (and for developers, the new XINDEX).  If you have questions or comments, please contact the Visualization Open Source Project Group, where ViViaN and XINDEX will be continually enhanced and maintained in the future as an open source project.

Peter Li
Director of Engineering