Fileman 22.2 Deployment by VA Achieves a Major Open Source Goal

For the past several months we have been sharing the news of VA's integration of the OSEHRA-certified MSC Fileman 22.2 into their enterprise version of VistA. This integration has been a milestone in the agency's adoption of community-based open source enhancements, the development of which involved many dedicated community members over more than a decade.

This week VA has released their deployed Fileman code base, including the latest modifications for bug fixes and VA requirements, back to the OSEHRA community. Release of VA Fileman 22.2 completes the largest iteration to date of the open-source VistA life cycle: starting from VA to the community, then back to VA after OSEHRA certification, and finally back to the community for the next iteration. At the same time, this phase of Fileman progress—unprecedented in the product's four-decade history—has been instrumental in forging community consensus for code convergence.

Alongside OSEHRA CEO Dr. Seong Ki Mun, it gives me great pleasure to salute this signal example of how a vibrant open source community can collaborate to advance health information technology. We are eager to continue facilitating open source community participation in the improvement of Fileman and VistA as well as many other beneficial health IT projects in coming years.