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FYI. For all who are interested in the FHIR development, there are a great number of videos (over 50 presentations) from the FHIR DevDays 2016 – see message below for links.

Videos and slides are online

For all of you who didn't have the opportunity to attend FHIR DevDays 2016: we have just unlocked the videos and slides of the tutorials and keynotes. You'll find more FHIR learning material on our website than you'll be able to consume during your Christmas holidays.

To name just a few of the tutorials and keynotes:

* SMART on FHIR, by Josh Mandel
* Apple ResearchKit and Android ResearchStack, by Pascal Pfiffner
* What's new in STU3, by Grahame Grieve
* An overview of clinical documents and FHIR, by Rick Geimer
* FHIR for Java and .NET developers (beginners and advanced), by Ewout Kramer and James Agnew
* Adapting FHIR to specific uses / FHIR profiling, by David Hay
* A different approach to patient consent, by Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (Patients Know Best)

If you want to be part of the largest and foremost FHIR event in the world, make sure to save the date for FHIR DevDays 2017: 15-17 November in Amsterdam. Hope to see you there!

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VistA mapping to FHIR

Eric Spahn's picture

Does VHA have any VistA to FHIR mapping tables?


RE:VistA mapping to FHIR

Peter Li's picture

VA has been developing VistA to InterSystems HealthShare mapping for over a year now.  InterSystems HealthShare has a FHIR interface.  So if you are in the VA, you should be able to get a copy of the mapping database.