I installed OSEHRA VistA on...

I installed OSEHRA VistA on Centos 7 from the instructions here https://www.osehra.org/content/how-setup-osehra-vista-development-virtua... but I'm having a few issues.

I can login with "ssh -p 2222 osehraprog@localhost" but I get the error below when I use "ssh -p 2222 osehratied@localhost".

%GTM-E-ZROSYNTAX, $ZROUTINES syntax error: /home/osehra/p/V6.2-000_x86_64*(/home/osehra/p) /home/osehra/s/V6.2- 000_x86_64*(/home/osehra/s) /home/osehra/r/V6.2-000_x86_64*(/home/osehra/r) /home/osehra/lib/gtm/libgtmutil.so /home/osehra/lib/gtm /home/osehra/ewdjs/node_modules/nodem/src
%GTM-E-FILEPARSE, Error parsing file specification: /home/osehra/ewdjs/node_modules/nodem/src
%GTM-E-FILENOTFND, File not found
Connection to localhost closed.

The connection attempt times out when I use CPRS from Windows 10 with the Firewall and SELinux enabled on Centos.
I get a connection lost message while trying to connect with SELinux and the firewall disabled.
"C:\ ... \CPRSChart.exe" CCOW=disable s= p=9430
"C:\ ... \CPRSChart.exe" CCOW=disable s= p=22
"C:\ ... \CPRSChart.exe" CCOW=disable s= p=2222

I assume I'll need to allow a connection on a specific port after I determine the issue. I can also SSH on port 22.

Can someone please offer advice on how to correct the issues?