Questions from the Innovation Webinar

Questions from the Innovation Webinar

Q1 (Remi Parker): Could you please elaborate on ""OnmyWay"" functionality has an app? And assist Kiosk? I was wandering if the Kiosk always have to be complemented by ""AssstKiosk""?

Q2 (Remi Parker): I guess the Kiosk registration and the AssistKiosk is a different system helping with patient waiting experience? Is HL7/CPT is the standard used to check and validate the data within these two systems?

Q3 (Remi Parker):Finally, as an EHR implementation manager, where and how do you compare these systems with Epic and VisTa?

Q4 (Arun Kumar): In vista, we have everything as documented. Like in OCIS also, we have everything as documented?

Q5 (Arun Kumar): Can you please list out any websites for oncology documentation?

Q6 (Arun Kumar): We will use global utilities, routine utilities to upload routines and globals. even we can use Kernal Installation Distribution to transfer the fileman files from GTMumps to Intersystems cache and from intersystems cache to GT Mumps. TEDIUM is also like as CPRS?

Q7 (Arun Kumar): are you using any wearable technology?

Q8 (Ramie Al Hamad): Is there a way of interchanging data between Tedium and FileMan?

Q9 (Ramie Al Hamad): The roadmap for having this application open source and on GT.M is 12 months which is very long period, can we start using the software as is and integrate it with VistA using HL7?

Q10 (Ramie Al Hamad): In VistA there is a module called OncoTrax which is a registry for cancer patients that can be used to extract different reports, is there something similar?

Q11 (Ramie Al Hamad): Its apparent that the back-end of the oncology software is mumps, what is the front-end technology? Is it web or something else?

Q12 (Ramie Al Hamad): WHat is the license the software is going to be released under? Is it GPL or BSD-like?

Q13 (Ramie Al Hamad): Are you providing web services (APIs)?