Meeting Minutes - 2-5-2019



  • Discussed the changes to popHealth version 6 vs. version 5 in terms of the data model and software components.
  • Patient data are stored in the qdm_patients vs. records collections in the MongoDB
  • Patient_cache collection, which stored the results of the measure calculation, is replaced by the equivalent qdm_individual_results collection.  However, the new qdm_individual_results collection is missing the “logger” and the “rationale” field used for debug measure calculation in version 5.  Therefore, in version 6 one loses the ability to debug what happens to a patient during the measure calculation.
  • RabbitMQ is used to queue up CQM calculation requests.
  • Version 6 installation is similar to version 5 with the exception of an extra step that installs MongoDB, RabbitMQ server, and the Js-Ecqm-Engine using the Chef scripts.
  • Currently, the version 6 is installed from the v6 branch of the popHealth repository; once we have completed the recertification, the v6 branch will be merged to the Master branch.  The exist Master branch prior to the merge will be renamed as the v5_1 branch.
  • Issues with popHealth version 6 that needed work:
    • Inability to import C-CDA.
    • The graphic display of the measure rules and data criteria (work in progress).
    • QRDA Validation of CAT3 for the EH program submissions, i.e., MIPS, CPC+, etc.
    • Progress indicator to show the end of the patient import process.
    • Create a version 5 to version 6 data migration script


Peter Li