Meeting Minutes - 3-5-2019



Discussed issues with popHealth version 6:

  • There are two issues with C-CDA import, 1) clinical data aren’t imported, and 2) import process stops after importing 124 files out of 246 patient files.  We will do further debugging to fix the problem. 
  • Demonstrated visualization of the CQL measure rules and data criteria.  The method involved collecting all html CQL measure files from the eCQI Resource Center website and converting the rules in JSON format and loading them into the MongoDB.  The display extracts the rules from the MongoDB and displays the result.  We are still working on displaying the CQL rules under the Measure tab.
  • Christian Arias of Qualifacts will look into developing the QRDA Validation of CAT3 for the EH program submissions, i.e., MIPS, CPC+, etc. in about a month.
  • Progress indicator to show the end of the patient import process is working now.
  • The first version of the data migration script for v5.1 to v6.0 is now available.  We will continue to improve the script to ensure that the database referential integrity is maintained after the migration.


Peter Li