Meeting Minutes: OSEHRA popHealth Developer Open Source Project Group Meeting - 06-05-2019

Meeting Minutes:


  • Status on full re-certification of version 6 with InfoGard.
    • After performing the full c2, c3, and c4 certification tests, we were informed by InfoGard that 14 measures failed, including 2 components of the c4 filter test.  We determined that the majority of the failures were due to bugs introduce by the c-cda import fixes and failure to properly process duplicated patient files.  Over several weeks, the Alabama Medicaid team worked diligently on the bugs and provided the fixes.   Yesterday, we received confirmation from InfoGard that we have passed the full tests for the c2, c3, and c4 criteria.   I believe we should receive the certification within a week.
  • Status on resolving issues with version 6 feature for importing C-CDA.
    • C-CDA import still fails 25 % of time.  I’m working with the Alabama Medicaid team to fix the failure, in addition to making sure that the ecqm calculations are correct.


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