Meeting Minutes from the popHealth Steering Work Group on 1-15-2019

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  • Jackie Mulhall has left SMCPartners.  She will not be able to participate as the co-chair of the Steering WG.  In the interim, Peter Li – OSEHRA will step in as the acting co-chair.
  • Peter Li discussed the progresses made in the popHealth version 6 development.  The major accomplishment is the completion and passing of the Cypress 4.0 tests for c2, c3, and c4 criteria for all EH and EP measures for the 2019 reporting period.  In the next two weeks, the development team will tied up all loose ends in preparation for recertification of the popHealth version 6 by Infogard.  The plan is to release the beta version of the popHealth version 6 at the beginning of February.  User will be able to download and install version 6 to try out.
  • The recertification of popHealth version 6 will cost $1,500.  If the recertification of popHealth v6 is important to you, please contribute.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  Please contact Peter Li at if you are able to contribute.